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“Spinning for Mama”

Shot, Edited and Directed by Colin van der Bel
Music: “Fire” by Rigby

Many thanks to: Attila van den Heuvel, Charles Meijer, Mariska Mijsberg, René de Wagt, Jessica Rietveld, Sportcity Bilthoven’s employees, all marathon participants and Marcel Slijpen.

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Sportcity Bilthoven –
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© 2011 Colin van der Bel



“Spinning for Mama” is a mini documentary about the spinning marathon organised by Sportcity Bilthoven for Serious Request on Friday the 16th of December.
I have been following Serious Request from the start and wanted to do something for this great charity. When I heard about this initiative in my hometown I decided to contribute in my way – by making a film. The dutch band Rigby contributed their song “Fire”, which was awesome of them!
Spinning for Mama-8 Spinning for Mama-7

Spinning for Mama-1 Spinning for Mama-4 Spinning for Mama-3 Spinning for Mama-2 Spinning for Mama-5 Spinning for Mama-6

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