Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201212

Roxette is currently on the second leg of their world tour and after playing at the Bospop festival last year they came back to the Netherlands yesterday to play the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I’ve taken pictures and done interviews at previous Roxette shows for the Daily Roxette, but this time I wanted to take it even further. I came up with the idea to make a ‘mini-documentary’ about Roxette, specifically about the fan – exclusively for the Daily Roxette.

I started out by interviewing the fans while they were waiting at the venue for the doors to open. I contacted most of them beforehand, some of their stories are really amazing and emotional. It was quite a challenge to shoot outside in this busy, uncontrolled environment but I’m very pleased with the footage I’ve seen so far.

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201201


Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201202 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201203

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201204 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201205Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201206

After hearing all the fan stories it was time to talk to the band. I had my own ‘interview room’ where I could set up lights, cameras and audio, everything was arranged perfectly!

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201207

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201208 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201210
Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201209

After the interviews backstage it was time to head intro the main room to shoot some footage during the concert itself. Not only what happened on stage, but also the screaming fans in the front row.

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201211

I’m really happy with the footage I got, everything looks great and the content of the interviews is exactly what I needed (and more)! The finished result will be published on the Daily Roxette.

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201215

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