ROXETTE 2012 – FANtastic!

ROXETTE 2012 – FANtastic!

A mini-documentary about Roxette’s 2012 world tour.

The story of Roxette’s world tour and the special relationship between the band and the fans.
Recorded on the 29th of June 2012 in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Produced exclusively for the Daily Roxette.
Shot, edited & directed by Colin van der Bel

I’ve been a huge fan of Roxette since I was about 10 years old. I started collecting their records and those of all the related bands (Gyllene Tider, solo albums, etc.) and of course visited many concerts. Some years ago I joined the team of Roxette’s biggest independent news website, the Daily Roxette. Having seen the fall of the Roxette fanclub, the Daily Roxette remained the one website fans could also fall back to. The first time I really started photographing seriously was during Per Gessle’s Party Crasher Tour in Gent, Belgium. Soon after that I purchased a dslr camera and started taking pictures at more shows. Since I’ve ventured into filmmaking in the past couple of years, I came up with the idea of doing a mini-documentary about Roxette when I heard they were going to play in Amsterdam. I had done a short interview with Per before at the Bospop festival and shot some footage from the crowd, but this time I wanted to do better.

First I had to get permission to film a part of the show from the table in the middle of the room and do a few interviews. When the day was finally there I started by filming and interviewing fans that were waiting in front of the venue. I chose the venue itself as the background for this.

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201206 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201202

When the interviews outside were done, the tour manager took me inside where they had reserved a room especially for the interviews, which was an awesome thing of them to do. I had some time to set up my super low budget light kit (this project obviously had no budget so the only things I could use were the things I had lying around my office) and cameras.

I interviewed Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist and Dea Norberg and got some really great material! I filmed the interviews with my Canon 7D and the 24-70 2.8L lens as the main camera. I also placed a second camera at a different angle to have some backup shots which I ended up using because I liked them creatively. That backup camera was a camcorder (Panasonic SD-600). The last interview I did with Per I used my Zoom H4n but without an attached mic and honestly the sound was awful. So this time I brought a lavalier mic which has great sound (of course I recorded the stereo signal just in case).

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201207 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201209

We recorded the interviews while the support act was performing so when we were done I had to pack up my gear and rush downstairs to the room to be able to catch the beginning of the show. The area where I could set up my cameras was in the middle of the room, so you can imagine having to get through the crowd with two tripods and two camera bags wasn’t that easy. I was just in time, because as soon as I hit record on the audio recorder the show started. I was allowed to record and use parts of the first three songs. After those three I enjoyed the rest of the concert, but during the last song I moved to the front of the room to record some images of the fans in the front row.

Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201213 Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 29-06-201212

Since the launch of Final Cut Pro X last year I’ve been a supporter of this great piece of software so this was a great chance to edit a project like this and test it. Luckily, while I was working on this project, updates were releases at exactly the right moments. Like I said, most of the work was done in FCPX. My friend Thomas mixed the live audio in Soundbooth, I mixed the interviews myself in FCPX. The creative b-roll parts other than single photos were made by Jessica in After Effects and she also designed the titles in Motion. I got all those great fan photographs by requesting them before the show on the Daily Roxette’s website. After the edit was locked, Jessica made the subtitles and put those over the edit after the color correction and color grading was finished (which by the way was also done in FCPX itself).

IMG_3294 IMG_3292

Everything was shot in 16:9 aspect ratio but keeping in mind I wanted to end up with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio in the end so I taped the camera screens while recording. FCPX doesn’t support this aspect ratio but I used Alex4D’s awesome Widescreen Matte effect to edit the material and had Compressor crop the image for the final output.

ROXETTE 2012 - FANtastic! - final edit


  1. That was a brilliant documentary, I’ve been a Roxette fan for years but have never been able to follow them around the world. So glad other people do. Thank you so much for making this, it was a joy to watch.

  2. Ah darn, South African fans left out. Sad face…
    But very well done guys! Made me even more curious about the real documentary coming hopefully soon! 🙂

  3. Fantastic documentary and it looks so damn fine. I have watched it twice already and now I am on my third, but I thought it would be selfish of me to do so, before at least expressing my gratitude for this AMAZING work! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Thanx for the video Colin. Great job! It’s a big and well done interview! Wish it was longer and filled with more documentary chronicle (from Per’s iPhone for example haha)
    Did you film any songs from the performance completely? Wish you ‘released’ it as well.

  5. I found the documentary very poor, without an agenda consistent and repetitive depositions of fans, assemblies of photos of fans mainly Brazilians are responsible for more blog liar regarding banda in Brazil where all fans of Roxette support and not criticize bad conduct journalistic blog, in addition to touring in 2011 when they passed by Brazil also received more than 550 blog posts from fans angry about the neglect that those responsible for the blog and photos that appear in his documentary mounted NOT REPRESENT nowhere moment BRAZILIAN fANS oF ROXETTE, I am also outraged by the soul of the band is Marie and she could be called to participate in a new documentary, short, for me and other fans of Roxette Brazilians, of course TRUE fANS aND THOSE who bribe fOR A FEATURE iN THE MEDIA wITH tHE BAND, were not recognized in no time shows FANS iN DOCUMENTARY, but bourgeois who know a song by Roxette or if beautiful face, finally found the WORST DOCUMENTARY, WELL IF YOU CAN NOT SAY THAT THIS iS A DOCUMENTARY bECAUSE THE INTERVIEW WAS ONLY WITH PER AND WITH THE BAND, AT LAST … WOULD BE INCLUDED IN TOUR PARTY CRASHER AND NOT ON A DVD OF ROXETTE, I AM TOTALLY AGAINST INCLUSION THIS DOCUMENTARY I am biased and of my words as a fan of the band since 1993, the disappointment of thousands of other fans in South America!

    The Brazilian Roxette Fanclub

    David Gonçalves

  6. dit heb je echt geweldig in elkaar gezet Colin, ik had het geluk dat ik er bij mocht zijn.
    Ik heb je zelfs nog gevraagd of dat wat je aan het opnemen was ook op tv of zo kwam, maar het was dus voor deze docu.
    Mischien komt het ooit op dvd uit dan ga ik hem zeker kopen.
    Nogmaals geweldig.

  7. dear Colin!! Huge thank you for the GREAT job you’ve done!!! This is so important to have feed-back from our ROXes. I actually feel like a part of worlwide Rox-family with this video of yours! this is so damn great!.. THANK YOU and please, don’t stop, keep on going!!! We appriciate!!! Greetings from Ukraine

  8. Hoi Colin, mijn complimenten voor de documentaire.
    Ik vond het geweldig om er bij aanwezig te kunnen zijn en uiteindelijk mijn foto en naam te zien!
    Top! Groetjes, Cindy


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