Act1 @ Clash of the Titans, DB’s

Act1 won vrijdag de voorronde (#8) van Clash of the Titans in DB’s. Op school begeleid ik samen met een collega deze band in het kader van het landelijke project ‘Buma Music Academy’. Ze schrijven al hun nummers zelf en ik vind het geweldig klinken, wat een sound en al op die leeftijd (2e/3e klas)!

Ik heb twee nummers van hun set gefilmd met 4 verschillende camera’s: Canon 5D met 24-70, Canon 7D met 70-200, camcorder vanuit het publiek, GoPro bij de drums en een Zoom H4n voor het geluid. Gemonteerd met multicam in FCPX.

Luister naar de hele set:

Lees meer over Act1 op hun website

Amsterdam with the Fuji X10

Amsterdam X10-1946

I got my Fujifilm X10 camera last week and must admit that I love it. the retro design doesn’t only look well, but I also love the way there are actual buttons and dials on the camera that I can use. The exposure compensation and focus dials are a great feature. the picture quality isn’t the best, but I have been looking for a camera like this for a long time, one that’s a dedicated camera (not also a phone, though the iPhone’s camera is great) but not as bulky as a pro DSLR (I don’t always want to have a large and heavy bag with me). So I brought the X10 with me on a night out in Amsterdam to do some low light street photography. All the images here are jpegs straight from the camera without any post processing.

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Sneeuw in de straat

Sneeuw in de straat-5

The first shoot with my new compact camera, the Fujifilm X10. Mostly B&W shots in the snow. All images are jpegs processed in-camera (B&W with red filter), only added a bit of contrast in Lightroom. The macro shots were done with the camera’s ‘super-macro’ shooting option.

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C300 Footage Hands-on

Nino Leitner and Mario Feil got the opportunity to test the C300, resulting in their film 13:59 and a great in-depth review of the camera.

They also generously put a few original camera files up for download so everyone could have a hands-on experience with the footage. I did some quick color grading in FCPX and I must say that I really like the footage, the only thing that’s missing right now is a plugin from Apple for Canon’s MXF files in FCPX.

Thoughts on the Canon c300

I love to work with Canon cameras and I shoot a lot of videos with my 7D, so I obviously followed Canon’s big announcement on November 3rd closely. Then the RED Scarlet was announced and for some reason the c300 got less attention – until Jonathan Yi ‘s awesome video. It was only meant as a funny test video and while I think it is really funny, the footage is also very inspiring and the information is really nice, especially the demonstration of the new camera’s performance in low light with high ISO.

Canon EOS C300 = Awesome


Last night Planet5D hosted a live podcast in which Mitch interviewed Jonathan via webcam resulting in about 2 hours of geeking out over the new camera. Thanks for hosting the event Mitch and thank you Jonathan for all your great answers to our questions!

Jonathan mentioned that it’s difficult to explain the c300’s performance in low light so I’m really excited to see how that turns out, it seems like this would be a great camera for documentary work when you can’t afford a lighting crew.

I think lots of us are very excited about using this camera and experiencing what it can do – I for one look forward to trying it once it’s available here!


You can now watch the live interview with Jonathan Yi on Planet5D