‘An Evening With Vincent Laforet’

March 14th, Amsterdam’s historical location ‘Beurs Van Berlage’ was packed with people coming to spend ‘An Evening With Vincent Laforet’. Legendary photographer and pioneer DSLR filmmaker Vincent Laforet filled the evening with a lecture in which he showed his work and the stories behind it.


It was really inspiring to see Vincent’s photographs on a large screen and then hear the stories behind them. The way he managed to shoot on top of the Empire State Building and his emotional tales of documenting Hurricane Katrina really made me think about what it means to be a photographer.

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media circus during the break


The story of how he got his hands on a prototype Canon 5DMII and how he shot “Reverie” with it – the first ever DSLR film – goes to show that you have to persevere and be very creative. Which brings me to one of the most important things that Vincent stresses and something I always have to keep reminding myself of. It’s not the gear that makes the film. Making films is about telling a story and the idea will dictate what you need to tell it, not the other way around.

Seeing “Möbius”, shot on a C300 for the camera’s Hollywood announcement, on a big screen and hearing and seeing lots of behind-the-scenes footage and tales, especially those about the commercial he shot at 600 fps, was really entertaining and inspiring. I realised need to shoot more BTS footage!


This really was one of those moments that inspire you to just go out and shoot (which I guess I’m going to do right now)!


Thank you Vincent, Gert, Canon, Adobe and Cameratools for this unique night!

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Me & Vincent


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