“Achter Het Gordijn” – Music Rehearsals


Yesterday evening felt very special for me as a filmmaker. After a first meeting, lots of phone calls and emails I could finally visit the music rehearsals at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Composer Wilma Pistorius writes beautiful and completely original music for the film. The footage really comes to life when you hear the music being played by the musicians and you realize how much it actually contributes. I think it’s really special that this music is written especially for this documentary film and that it fits the footage of the dancers perfectly. I’m really excited about the results but I can already tell you it’s going to be awesome!

Muziekrepetities-2 Muziekrepetities-3

Muziekrepetities-4 Muziekrepetities-5

Muziekrepetities-6 Muziekrepetities-7

Muziekrepetities-8 Muziekrepetities-9

Muziekrepetities-10 Muziekrepetities-11


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